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Another Bloody Week in D2 Baseball


It’s not yet April, and in some conferences, we already are seeing where things are headed. In others, everything is up for grabs still. The competition has been fierce this spring. We have seen that even when a higher ranked team wins the series, they are not sweeping in many instances. The lower amount of sweeps going on out there is telling us that D2 baseball is as competitive as it ever has been.

That is true of the following teams who enter our regional rankings this week. Cal Poly Pomona, after stumbling early, may have found its stride. Catawba, another team that had a few miscues early on, swept the previously hot Lenoir Rhyne to jump into the regional and national polls. Findlay is one of the few remaining undefeated teams in the country, although it is early for them. Central Oklahoma is red hot right now. Charleston is not only getting things done, they have a few Top 30 wins this season.

Also, after hearing it from so many people on how hot Azusa Pacific is (and we were watching!!), they jump into our Top 30 rankings for the first time this year. And rounding out the newbies in the polls this week is another undefeated team, the Texas A&M-Kingsville Javelinas. Oh, and lest we forget, North Greenville has also been knocking a few teams around in the highly contested Southeast Region.

We have a lot of great series coming up this next week, which will begin separating some teams. Everyone should try to get out to one of these match-ups to watch some great baseball this coming weekend.

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