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Card Deck Gets Shuffled as D2 Baseball Closes In On The Playoffs


As we stated early on, if you are taking bets on this D2 baseball season, then you have probably lost a lot of money. Every time you think you have it all figured out, someone steps up and another has a bad weekend. Almost every week, most of the card deck has been reshuffled as we try to figure out who is hot and who is just trying to hold on.

This week, we have more movement at the top, but very few teams actually enter the Top 30. There are several teams on the regional bubble that aren’t listed…but may end up making the cut after this coming weekend. And with a lot of real good match ups this weekend, including our #2 and #3 teams facing off…we expect a few teams to finally stand up and take the reigns.

Okay, let’s get to it. As we said, a lot of shuffling but most of the teams remained on the list. Regionally, we had no new teams enter the regional rankings, although as we said above…there are at least four teams that we will be watching closely this weekend.

In our Top 30, we had to point out the hottest team in collegiate baseball…Florida Southern, who stumbled early but is now on a 17 game win streak. Entering the Top 30 this week is Georgia College, who has sat just outside of the Top 30 for many weeks and has now made the case that they need to be in the mix.

As we get through these next three weeks, we believe the rankings will settle down a lot as teams start grabbing spots in the post season. But even with that said, there are still no guarantees on the outcome, as we have seen all season long.

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