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D2 Baseball Turns into the Wild, Wild West



The only word to describe this season, and this last weekend was NO EXCEPTION!

Our Top 30, especially the top ten, have jumbled up so much that it looks like a late night Jinga game. This article would read for 5 minutes if we covered all of the upsets, winning streaks, etc. No one wants to take control out there…or if they do, no one is letting them!

With that said, folks can go check out individual teams and see how they did and why they moved. In our Top 30, the Wild West Region has taken a firm grasp at the top of the pile, with FOUR teams in the top 12. You folks out there may need to reserve tickets now for that regional tournament, because we swear there isn’t a chance to handicap that thing right now. Especially after watching that UC San Diego – Chico State series this last weekend!

We also add a few teams to the Top 30. Newberry, which decided it was going to throw its hat into the ring, ran off an 11 game win streak and is sitting with the leaders in the South Atlantic Conference. Speaking of that, Catawba jumps back in to that run, as it always wants to do. Lincoln Memorial also joins the Top 30, as not only is it tied with Catawba, Tusculum and Newberry, it won its series against both Catawba and Tusculum, with Newberry coming up. Oh, and did we mention that the fourth in the golf cart, Tusculum, was #25 last week and went out and took the series against #4 Tampa. Throw your hands up folks, because any of these four SAC teams will make it to the Southeast Regional (most likely two).

Regionally, the Midwest Region had a lot of movement as teams that were hot dropped off and teams that have taken control at the end of the season have jumped in. These include Wayne State, Quincy, and Drury. Lock Haven has also shown it wants to make a run in the PSAC, so they join the Atlantic Region rankings.

We know we are going to get emails! And tweets! There is at least 12 teams that we kept moving around on the board, both Top 30 and in the regions, that didn’t make the cut Some big series are coming up that will settle that, so we see continued upheaval in the rankings right up to the end of the season.


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