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The D2 Baseball Season Begins To Wrap Up In Eye Opening Fashion

Mount Olive
Mount Olive making their run

The D2 baseball season is wrapping up in eye opening fashion, and this should not surprise anyone considering how week in and week out has gone this season.

Upsets everywhere. Teams that were streaking knocked off their pedestals. Teams that were struggling finding their second winds. It just seems like we are saying the same things every week. Which is why to us, this is the best D2 baseball season in over a decade.

No one is locked into anything. No one has things wrapped up. When the final 8 teams show up in Grand Prairie, they will have been battle tested all season long. As of this moment, we can’t even start thinking about who has the best line towards the National Championship.

Okay, let’s hit a few quick summaries, as there is way too much going on to cover it all in one article. We have begun coverage of conference play in other articles, so look for them in order to see how things are going.

Entering our national rankings are a few teams that have jsut plugged away, and grinded themselves into our Top 30. The Northwood Timberwolves have found a way to put themselves in the top spot in the Midwest Region and a good position heading towards the NCAA tournament. Joining them are the North Alabama Lions who have clawed themselves into a great spot in the highly competitive South Region.

Entering the regional rankings are Catawba, West Liberty, Southern Connecticut and California Baptist.

We will say it again: Best….season….ever.

D2 Baseball National & Regional Rankings


Author: D2BaseballNews